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Lauren is an award-winning Wellbeing Specialist with 18 years' experience. She captivates audiences with her energy, enthusiasm and entertaining style.

A TEDx Speaker, Consultant and Author, Lauren will uplift your team and help create a positive, resilient, high-performance culture where people flourish and perform at their peak.


  • Fascinates with powerful stories
  • Entertains with passion and humour
  • Energises with her uniquely authentic approach
  • Inspires positive action with cutting-edge ideas

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Keynote Presentations

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Overcome The Overwhelm 

Discover how to get out of the 'overwhelm trap' by uncovering the number one mistake most people make, which keeps them stuck. Learn exactly how to juggle the multiple demands of life, work and family, while staying calm, centred and in control. Transform the way you approach and structure your life and workflows so you achieve much more in less time, regain balance and experience more joy and satisfaction.

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Snack on Exercise - Boost Your Brain, Body & Mood 

Increase your energy and productivity with this revolutionary, science-backed technique which will help you flourish and achieve much more. Lauren's unique snack on exercise approach will shift your paradigm around exercise, and help you overcome the 'no-time' barrier by easily integrating movement into your day for maximum benefit. Harness the power of positive movement and learn to manage your time and energy in order to be more creative, alert, accurate and able to perform at your peak, both physically and cognitively.

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Five Steps To Vibrant, Confident & Energised 

Nothing is more foundational to success than great health, energy and vitality. As a busy professional it can be difficult to fit in time to exercise or eat well, let alone master the motivation to do so. This session will dispel the myths and give you practical, time-saving strategies to overcome the most common challenges busy people face when improving their health.

Discover Lauren's transformational, holistic framework of Live Well Principles which will guide you to uplift, nourish, invigorate, strengthen and restore your body and mind, equipping you to perform at your peak. Come away with practical steps to boost your health and happiness, to take you from just surviving to truly thriving!

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Harness The Power Of Positive Thought

This energising session will help you boost your brain power, take control of your thoughts and transform your life. Studies have proven that when our brain is in positive we are more creative, and both 

more efficient and effective. Harness the power of your thoughts with techniques founded in neuroscience and learn how to train your subconscious brain to focus on what you want. Discover key strategies to enhance individual happiness and boost brain capacity to significantly increase personal and organisational success.



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Lauren Parsons Keynote Speaker - 2018 2Lauren Parsons grew up in New Zealand as the non-sporty kid who lacked all confidence in herself physically. Then as an adult, went from being a workaholic gym manager with 'no time to train' to completely shifting her paradigms around exercise. She is passionate about helping others discover the easiest and most fun way to fit movement into their own lives to boost their health and happiness.

A sought-after international speaker, thought-leader and consultant, Lauren combines her wellbeing expertise with her background in business to bring cutting-edge solutions to organisations around world.

TEDx speaker, Author of real food less fuss and 7 Health and Fitness Myths To Overcome, founder of Get Fit Feel Fabulous and Overcome the Overwhelm programmes, Revitalise Wellbeing Retreats and the Snack on Exercise movement. Lauren helps busy people re-discover how to feel vibrant, confident and energised, so they can truly thrive. 



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From rustic and hands on to the height of luxury your retreat experience can be tailored to your group.

Lauren and her team specialise in hosting and running single day or multiple day retreats with a holistic approach that will equip you with life changing knowledge while leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.

We can take care of everything, simply bring your group along to be inspired and uplifted.

For more info about Revitalise Wellbeing Retreats click here.


What others say

"Lauren Parsons shined bright as a keynote speaker at FMI's PD Week, engaging our delegates with an endless supply of energy that had them up and moving around with a smile on their faces.
Her tips on the health in the workplace truly resonated with our crowd and had people feeling uplifted and energized. Simply put, it was a joy to work with Lauren".

-Christopher Egan, CEO, Financial Management Institute of Canada

"Lauren's session was inspiring and uplifting and came at a time when employees needed to be re-energized. Her genuine and authentic approach, being a working parent, was appreciated and extremely well received by our staff."

– Dominque Martel, HR Manager, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, Canada

"I can HIGHLY recommend Lauren, she is a fabulous presenter with passion, zest, humour and professionalism - she is a truly transformational person who will affect your world in a profoundly positive way! She is MUST see and leader in her field."

– Angela Cossey, Intimo International

"I LOVED your talk, you were my favourite speaker. You connected with us so well. You were real... transparent... fun... and revolutionary!! It was a revelation to me that only a short burst of exercise is still so worthwhile.....I am a busy person and have never given exercise any priority. The fact that we can build it into what we are already doing is so achievable and sustainable......it will change my life. Thank you Lauren, so much."

 Jan, Beach Church Conference

"Excellent presenting style, clear and well spoken. Good balance of fun, learning and group working. Thanks again Lauren hope to use you again in future."

– Craig Woolliams, Manager, Transfield

"Thanks Lauren for very professional and dynamic sessions, I loved your clear, interactive style and you gave me heaps of things to think about. I now understand myself so much more. Just superb."

– Team member, Toyota NZ Ltd

"Lauren is an engaging presenter who brings a wealth of knowledge across a broad range of wellness areas. She demonstrates a real passion for making a positive difference in people's lives."

– Kelly Alkema, Hutt City Council

"Lauren manages through enthusiasm and inclusion to inspire all sorts of people to have a go at making changes that they know very well they need to make but don't know where to start. She encourages that first step breakthrough."

 Stewart Harrex, Fitzherbert Rowe Lawyers

"Always so encouraging and positive and a real empathy which comes through so clearly and makes listening to your insight so much more effective. Thanks Lauren. I will be back next year."

– Yvonne Forlong, Property Brokers

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Diaphragmatic breathing is an essential to engage your body’s relaxation response; keeping your hormones in balance and avoiding stress and burn out.

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