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Lauren is an energising speaker who draws on 17 years experience in the health and wellness profession and her background in business. A master of keeping audiences engaged, she leaves people feeling uplifted and gives them memorable take home points they can action straight away.

Lauren can deliver:

  • Conference keynotes or workshops,
  • In-house training,
  • Team and executive retreats, 
  • Comprehensive Wellness Programmes
  • Community event and fundraiser talks

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Presentations Include

Vibrant, Confident and Energised 
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Discover Lauren's unique, holistic framework to boost both health and happiness and increase performance. Including how to adopt practical mindset, movement and nutrition habits to take you from just surviving to truly thriving!

How Happiness Leads to Success

Positive psychology show us that happier people are smarter, healthier and more productive. Learn the top ways to enhance individual happiness and create a positive team culture that significantly increases success. 

Create More Energy Every Day Lauren Parsons - Keynote Speaker

Discover the easiest way to energise your life. Overcome the time barrier, flourish and feel energised throughout day by working in sync with your body's natural rythyms. Discover Lauren's unique snack on exercise approach that will transform your paradigm around exercise, making it so easy (and fun) to fit in. This session will teach you how to boost your mood, your health and your energy all helping you work smarter not harder. 

Stress Buster

Get back in balance with the 10 essential principles to manage stress and boost resilience. Learn the fastest most effective way to feel calm, clear-headed and confident. Boost your health and happiness long term with easy to implement daily routines.

Nourish Yourself to Health 

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Discover how and why to enjoy more real food wiht less fuss. Learn breakthrough tips that make good nutrition simple and easy to do, leaving you feeling lighter, more vibrant and relaxed about food. This sessions can include cooking demonstrations, tastings and recipes.

Top Tips from the French

Learn to relax and LOVE eating again. Guilt free! Being immersed in the culture while working in France Lauren gained an in depth understanding of the French's secrets to staying in shape at any age without diets or deprivation. Apply these principles to overcome cravings and create a positive, relaxed relationship with food that leaves you feeling amazing.

Living with Vision and Passion

A powerful goal setting workshop that will give you a clear picture on where you want to head in life and how to break the steps down to get there! We work through a powerful exercise to clearly identify where you want to be and how to create the right road map to get there.

Valuing your Values

Understand what drives you and others and how we can be fulfilled and avoid stress by making our values a priority. This session draws team members together through a deeper understanding of what drives on another.

The Power of Our Thoughts 2016 LParsons 031 3

Learn to take control of your thoughts, have positive self-talk and transform your life! Harness the power of your thoughts and shift them to focus on what you want. Learn how to overcome any limiting beliefs that may have held you back in the past and be empowered to live life to the full

Sleep Essentials

Without quality sleep, we cannot function at our best. This workshop gives you the essential tools to enhance your sleep, overcome restless nights, reduce stress and boost your vitality. Discover ways to have the most restorative sleep possible and wake up feeling refreshed and energised.

Top Time Management Principles

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Increase your productivity & effectiveness in your daily routines & give yourself more time for the things you love so you can achieve real balance in your life!

Being a Winner on a Winning Team

Ensure team success by taking personal responsibility and overcoming the negative cycle of blame, denial and excuses. Go from victim to victor.



From rustic and hands on to the height of luxuretreatry your retreat experience can be tailored to your group.

Lauren and her team specialise in hosting and running single day or multiple day retreats with a holistic approach that will equip you with life changing knowledge while leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.

We can take care of everything, simply bring your group along to be inspired and uplifted.

For more info about Revitalise Retreats click here.

Facilitation Lauren Parsons - facilitator and speaker

Lauren is also an experienced facilitator whos specialises in vision setting, culture change and staff empowerment sessions with your team.

If you want a staff training day that people will remember long after the event, someone to energise your culture and something a cut above the average run of the mill training session, get in touch today.

What others say

"I can HIGHLY recommend Lauren, she is a fabulous presenter with passion, zest, humour and professionalism - she is a truly transformational person who will affect your world in a profoundly positive way! She is MUST see and leader in her field."

– Angela Cossey, Intimo International

"I LOVED your talk, you were my favourite speaker. Reflecting on that, I believe it was because you connected with us so well. You were real....transparent....fun.....and revolutionary!! It was a revelation to me that only a short burst of exercise is still so worthwhile.....I am a busy person and have never given exercise any priority. The fact that we can build it into what we are already doing and spend short bursts at it, is so achievable and sustainable......it will change my life. So thank you Lauren so much."

 Jan, Beach Church conference

"Excellent presenting style, clear and well spoken. Good balance of fun, learning and group working. Thanks again Lauren hope to use you again in the future."

– Craig Woolliams, Transfield

"Thanks Lauren for very professional and dynamic sessions, I loved your clear, interactive style and you gave me heaps of things to think about. I now understand myself so much more. Just superb."

– Team member, Toyota NZ Ltd

 Lauren is an engaging presenter who brings a wealth of knowledge across a broad range of wellness areas. She demonstrates a real passion for making a positive difference in people's lives.

– Kelly Alkema, Hutt City Council

"Lauren manages through enthusiasm and inclusion to inspire all sorts of people to have a go at making changes that they know very well they need to make but don't know where to start. She encourages that first step breakthrough."

 Stewart Harrex, Fitzherbert Rowe Lawyers

"Always so encouraging and positive and a real empathy which comes through so clearly and makes listening to your insight so much more effective. Thanks Lauren. I will be back next year."
– Yvonne Forlong, Property Brokers


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