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The busy, stressed and often sedentary lifestyles that many people lead negatively impact on their health causing many staff to under-performing due to stress, fatigue, worry and a simple lack of engagement.

Workplaces that invest in the wellbeing of their staff are seeing a great return on investment. Imagine what that would mean for your company if every staff member effectively achieved an extra hours work each day.

A comprehensive Corporate Wellness Programme will boost your staff's health, engagement and productivity, all improving your bottom line. 

Our well-designed programmes are based on the Live Well Principles framework. They address all areas of wellbeing creating a strong, positive workplace culture that attracts and retains the right people and keeps them performing at their peak.

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Through the implementation of a Wellness Programme you will benefit from

• Motivated energetic workforce with high morale
• Improvements in productivity and increased profits
• Higher staff retention and reduced absenteeism
• Boosted staff satisfaction and improved team dynamics
• More resilient staff who are able to effectively manage stress
• Improved health and reduced sick days

We can tailor a programme to meet the needs of your team and your budget whether you have 50 staff or 5,000.  

Programmes can include any combination of Lauren Parsons - Live Well Principles Logo

  • Motivational seminars and keynote presentations
  • Printed guidebooks and journals
  • Ongoing educational literature
  • Fun team-challenges
  • Informative 'lunch and learn' workshops
  • Practical workout or cooking demonstration sessions
  • One on one or small group coaching
  • In-house fitness classes (including sweat-free stretching sessions)
  • Engaging team building activities
  • On-going support

Wide Reaching - Through the use of technology (video and online courses), programmes can be rolled out simultaneously across multiple sites as required. This delivers even higher value by shaping a positive culture throughout your entire team.

Corporate Retreats - We specialise in running single day or multiple day team retreats and senior leadership retreats.  These include a range of training sessions and activities on topics including communication, values, vision, time management and being a 'winner on a winning team'.

Consultation  - Lauren can consult  over a period of weeks to help you quickly develop your own comprehensive, balanced and effective wellbeing programme to be run and facilitated in-house.

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Only when your workforce is healthy, positive and energised can it perform at its peak.


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