"I have so much extra energy now and it’s helped me controlling my stress levels.  I never thought that I could enjoy being the way I am and the size I am.  It is an amazing feeling!"
Georgia Dawson


"Since I started Lauren’s programme 6 weeks ago I have gone from 7 blood pressure and heart pills down to just 5.  My doctor was amazed! I'm having so much fun with it too, it's not like going to a gym. I love it. I am halfway and I have lost weight, lost inches all around and I feel so much stronger."
Lauretta Wallace


Age is no barrier, I’m no spring chicken and I have thoroughly enjoyed Lauren’s Get Fit Feel Fabulous programme.  Lauren is just fabulous with what she puts into it and what you get out of it.
Margaret Penney



Lauren’s at home programme really helps you stay focused on your goals.  Just do it and see what a difference it can make to your life and to those around you.
Dianne Fountaine-Cody


I love Lauren's positivity and motivation and have to say my life is richer for having met her.  The guide was fantastic, it is my little bible and I refer to it often. If need someone else to motivate you then this programme is perfect! I am fitter and slimmer, happier and feel better within myself."
Lesley Drury


"I have taken part in Get Fit Feel Fabulous three times now and I absolutely adore it!   It has completely changed my life, its changed our whole family.  Congratulations Lauren! One woman can make a difference and change a whole community."
Pania Ryan



"It's too easy to have good intentions & do nothing about it, being part of this programme is making me actually do something!”
Helen Willacy


“Lauren is very generous in sharing her knowledge relating to being fit and healthy and able to enjoy life to the max. I have learnt exercises and techniques that have been new to me and will be really useful in my training.  I highly recommend Lauren's programmes to anyone - no matter what shape you might be in!"
Graeme Thomas


"I have looked forward to coming to every one of Lauren’s sessions (never thought I'd say that about exercise!) If you're thinking of taking part, I'd say to just take the challenge on...Best thing I ever did!"
Tracey Roberts


Lauren’s Get Fit Feel Fabulous Programme is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life!  Each session has been so exciting.  I really enjoyed the boxing that I’d never done in my life before.  It is just a great way to get fit and really feel fabulous.
Michelle Jamieson

danwhe“There is not a day that goes by now that I am not thinking about health and wellbeing – now this is a good thing! Lauren has woken me up! She made me realise that if we don’t look after ourselves, pain and death will come too soon. The knowledge and motivation Lauren shares is awesome. Get to know this lady! I recommend it.”
Dan Wheeler


"I absolutely recommend this Get Fit and Feel Fabulous programme. It has so much to offer anyone that joins and opens doors to a lot more than just exercising, plus it makes it FUN!!!"
Lauren Miller


"I have most loved knowing that what I am doing is improving my family's health and wellbeing.  Thank you Lauren your awesome at home Get Fit, Feel Fabulous programme has changed my life for the better!"
Vicki Carne

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