What makes this programme any different to other online courses?

  • This is the most positive and uplifting programme available brought to you by award winning wellbeing specialist Lauren Parsons (there is no standing over you shouting, just positive encouragement that works to truly motivate you).
  • Rather than a hard core gruelling programme designed for young, fit athletes, Get Fit Feel Fabulous has instead been tailored for 'mature and motivated' women who want quick effective workouts that give results.
  • Everything has been designed for people that feel they have 'no time'. Lauren knows what busy is like with three young children and a husband often away for work. She knows the challenges you face just keeping up with the balance of work, family and commitments!
  • The workouts are adaptable and achievable, following Lauren's Snack on Exercise philosophy. Lauren's approach is always to overcome barriers and all the myths and mis-information, helping you do what you can when you can. She makes it easy and fun to get started so you can maintain a routine you love!
  • More than just online information, you receive your own printed diary in the post, as Lauren sees the huge importance in putting pen to paper to create lasting change. Plus you receive your resistance band which is your ultimate lightweight workout tool that helps you progress your workouts as you tone up.
  • There are no expensive pieces of equipment to purchase, no weird meal replacements or boring processed food. Instead Lauren teaches you how to simply eat more real food with less fuss, saving you time and hassle but maximising flavour, all in a budget friendly way.
  • Past participants report making big savings on their grocery spend which more than reimburse the investment into the programme itself – it's a WIN WIN! You can save even more money by avoiding ever having to buy food on the run. No more giving into cravings then regretting your hastily purchased snack soon after. Picture a calm, relaxed organised you, with healthy snacks on hand.
  • This is not a diet. The focus is on how to get more good stuff in, rather than a strict diet that leaves you feeling hungry and deprived.
  • You can share this journey with other like-minded women via the private forum, encouraging each other, sharing ideas and spurring each other on. Plus you can ask any question any time.
  • Everything you receive is yours to keep for life, so you can refer back to the valuable information as often as you want.
  • Ultimately, the most important thing about the programme is that Lauren believes it when she says "You are truly amazing, I just help you see it!" From this viewpoint Lauren will help you reach a place of self-acceptance that will see you flourish and truly feel amazing!

What do I receive as part of the programme?

You will receive your results pack delivered free to your home including
  • Your personal diary to keep you on track
  • Guided goal setting and pre-programme missions helping you de-clutter and get set up
  • A variable resistance band, your ultimate light weight workout tool
Content emailed direct to your inbox every Mon, Wed, Fri including
  • Uplifting coaching messages with printer friendly 'Step to Success' sheets to maximise your results
  • Nutrition tips, delicious recipes and full meal plans with easy reference shopping lists to save you time
  • Complete workout guides with full colour printable circuit cards and posters each including high and low impact versions
Accountability and Support
  • Access to the private Get Fit Feel Fabulous online forum with like-minded ladies
  • You can ask any question any time.
  • You also complete a quick progress update regularly, which you email to me and I will reply you a personalised message
Exclusive participant only videos including;
  • Nutrition and lifestyle seminars overcoming the myths and conflicting advice around exercise and nutrition that may have held you back before
  • Time saving workout videos with both high and low impact options, that teach you how to workout anywhere, anytime
  • Mindset lessons to keep you motivated and ensure long term success (everything starts with our thoughts!)
And best of all, this content is all yours to keep, forever!

How much time will it take?

This programme is designed especially for BUSY people. Everything is broken down into bite size chunks.

Each of the 24 steps to success takes just 2-3 minutes to watch the video and gives you one simple action step that you really can achieve. As these build on each other you will transform your habits and be feeling healthier and more vibrant before you know it!

The focus of both the workouts and the meal plans is on saving you time.

I teach you to train smarter not harder using my 'snack on exercise' philosophy and equipping you with the fastest workouts that with give you the best results. I love cooking but don't enjoy spending hours in the kitchen and share all of my time saving tips and tricks to make things flow and to give you several nights off cooking altogether.

I highly recommend you commit to;
  • 2-3 minutes twice a week to watch your step to success video
  • 6 minutes once or twice a week to complete the strength training programme and
  • 15+ minutes two to three times a week to do the cardio workouts
  • if you have an extra busy week I teach you how to super charge your workout with my 9 minute complete cross train workout that combines your strenght and cardio training, so you can still fit it all in!
  • I also recommend 1-2 hours on a weekend day to order your shopping and prepare healthy baking and do some meal prep to save you time throughout your week.

Do I need to buy any equipment?

No. You will receive a variable resistance band in your results pack which is posted out as soon as you register.  This is your ultimate lightweight workout tool that you can use anywhere, anytime even on holiday! All the workouts are designed so that you can do them with the resistance band and your own body weight.  If you want to add in dumbbells for more of a challenge you can do so as desired.

There are absolutely no bulky or expensive infomercial style workout machines to worry about gathering dust!

All you will need is a good pair of running or walking shoes and a good sports bra can’t go a miss!

A drink bottle will help you keep your fluids up.

Will it cater to my fitness level?


Prior to starting you will receive my Exercise Essentials eBook which explains exactly why and how to exercise for the best results. It helps you understand how your body works and how to really boost your metabolism, maintain your lean toned muscle and strengthen your bones. It also show you how to adapt the exercise routines to make this programme work for you. 

Each week I will send you a weekly workout plan from which you can choose the option that best suits your level to make sure you maximise your results. 
These progress every week so you get variety and a sense of achievement from start to finish!

You can join me anytime via your screen as I take you through the video workouts and explain how each exercise is performed and how to adapt the options. Full colour printable circuit cards with images and instructions for each of the workouts are also included in your guide for easy reference.

Beginners will be able to build a strong base whereas more experienced exercisers will be able to extend themselves with the more advanced options offered.  

In short, all of the workouts are totally achievable, provided you don't have any current injuries, in which case we would recommend seeking professional advice for those first.

Do I need to have a gym membership?

No, but you can continue going to the gym if that's what you love.

The programme comes complete with full workouts that you can do anywhere you like - at the gym, in your lounge or outdoors!  So it is totally over to you whether you wish to use the programme at your local gym or whether you prefer to work out from home or with friends.

My goal is to break down the barriers for you, so you can avoid transport costs, time and any child care hassles and enjoy the privacy of working out on your own terms where and when it suits you.

If your favourite thing to do is to join a local class, workout with your trainer, or you have an active hobby or sport, this will be an important part of your routine. The key is that you find something you enjoy and will look forward to doing!

Once you discover the most effective ways to burn body fat and boost your energy levels you will fall in love with exercise and won't ever want to give it up!

Does the nutrition advice recommend normal food?

Absolutely yes! In fact that is the focus!

The goal is to teach you really simple ways to get more nutritious real food into your weekly routine. 

There are no diets, no pills or supplements or any weird stuff you need to buy to take part.  None of the ingredients are difficult to source or overly expensive. We also avoid tiresome calorie counting. All of the eating advice is based around healthy choices that you can enjoy and stick to for the rest of your life.

This is not a short term regime you have to stick to, but instead a long term success plan. Each week you will receive a new nutrition step to success and these small achievable adjustments in your habits will add up to make a big difference by the end of 12 weeks.

My unique meal planning system is all about saving you lots of time and money by making your meals flow from one to the next.  How does several nights off cooking each week and easy ready made lunches and homemade snacks sound to you?  You will save both time and money with the tips I share.  

I show you how easy it is, once you know all the techniques.   We include lots of practical ideas and delicious recipes to try, but also a lot of flexibility so that you can enjoy the food you love!

Will my family be able to eat the meals too?

Absolutely yes!  

I often get feedback from ladies who comment how much their husbands and children are enjoying the meals. 

All of my recipes are tried and tested on my own family so they even cater to fussy pre-schoolers tastes.

I don't believe that you should have to cook several different meals (life is busy enough!) an dI teach you ways to help yourself and your family adjust to the fresh flavours of delicious wholefoods. This way you spread the positive ripple effect and your entire family benefit by adopting healthy eating habits which really is a great gift.

Several of my recipes are dairy free, gluten or wheat free or vegetarian and many others can be adapted as required.

I only cook for one or two people, or for a large family. Will the meal plans work for me?

Yes, included with the meal plans is an explanation on how to cater to different sized families.  

While many of the recipes are set out for 4-5 people, I do explain how to give yourself even more nights off food prep by cooking the same amounts and freezing even more bonus meals if you only cater for one or two people.

For larger families, I also explain how to make meals go further.

Can I get extra one on one help?

Yes!  If you'd like one on one assistance you can book in for a coaching session or nutritional consultation over the phone or skype directly with Lauren.  

These are really useful for discussing your own specific needs and to come up with specific strategies to help you get the most out of the programme. 

Spaces are limited and additional charges apply for these.

For a rapid response to a quick question, you can post your questions in the online forum.

Can I take part with friends?


In fact, joining along with a friend, colleague or family member or with a group of people is a fantastic idea!

Being able to meet up in person to exercise together or just simply have a chat to about how your week is going provides extra accountability.

Why not invite several friends to join with you and arrange a regular time each week to get together and do the workouts as a group? You can print off the circuit cards, put on your favourite music and enjoy a great workout in a fun social atmosphere.

The exercise routines all offer the flexibility to suit different fitness levels, so it's a great opportunity to reach your own personal goals while motivating and encouraging your friends and colleagues to do the same.

Simply ensure you all register during the same week (workdays) and you will all commence the programme together.

Life is more fun when it's shared!

Picture being able to compare notes on how the recipes went for you and your friends and being able to discuss the mindset and exercise tips for that week together!

Can men take part in the programme?

Yes they can.

Several men have taken part before, some as individuals and some together with their wife or partner. Many couples have found it beneficial to take part in the programme together so that the whole household is on board with the lifestyle changes.

Men will benefit from the exact same principles and the steps to success, just as much as women do. All of the workouts are designed with effective exercises for both men and women. (There is a myth that men and women require different exercises, but in truth we all have the same skeletal muscles which work in the same ways, so the exerise routines are effective for everyone. Some men may just find that they prefer a more challenging level such as full press ups, although that isn't always the case. Every workout can be tailored depending on your strength and fitness level.)

In short, if you want to transform your health and happiness in a positive way, this is a great option.

When does the programme start?

You decide when you want to start.  The best time is of course NOW!  

Once you register your results pack will be on its way out to you in the mail and you will begin your pre-programme missions. This period (between 7-13 days depending on the day of the week that you registered) allows your results pack to arrive and gives you the time to get set up to ensure success. During this period you will receive lots of important information including your eBooks, video presentation, and complete exercise guide and meal plan with recipes and shopping list for week one.

This pre-programme period is a bonus essentially as you get a full further 12 weeks of support after this time.

When you picture how great you can feel, why would you put it off any longer?

Delaying doesn't make it any easier to achieve your goal. Take a step towards your happiness today. The programme is designed to give you as much help and support as possible, so stop trying to do it alone, join us and get started this week!

What if I will be away or an unwell during the programme?

The beauty of this programme is that you won't miss out on receiving any of the info. Because it's yours to keep for life, you will always have it to refer back to whenever you need it.

If you know you will be away on holiday you can take the resistance band and your progress diary with you and simply check your emails to catch up on your steps to success either while you are away or once you return.

If you become unwell and not able to exercise you can continue to follow the nutrition advice and nourish yourself back to full health.

Best of all, as the information is all yours to keep you can pause, rewind or repeat the programme from the start at any point in your own time.


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Strength train every week

It is your fountain of youth as it makes you biologically younger!!!  

Stick to functional compound exercises that work lots of muscles at once.  Aim for quality not just quantity and ensure great rest and recovery in between.

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