The ultimate 12 week online programme helping busy women of all ages to become fit, fabulous and flourishing.

Discover the most inspiring, holistic and proven way to transform how you look and feel for life! 



Do you want great energy, glowing vibrancy and complete confidence?


Created by award winning Wellbeing Specialist Lauren Parsons, Get Fit Feel Fabulous is your complete step by step guide to feeling amazing.

It will save you time and money, and teach you exactly how to reduce stress, boost energy and transform your health.

You will learn: 

  • How to switch on your internal motivation so positive habits become easy to adopt.

  • Lauren Parsons Salad Image The most efficient way to exercise including Lauren's unique 2, 6 and 9 minute complete body workouts you can do anywhere, anytime (plus they are fun, yes really!)

  • The best foods for optimum energy and vitality 

  • How to meal plan to give yourself several nights off cooking every week. (Hallelujah!) Plus family friendly meal plans, delicious tried and tested recipes and shopping lists are all provided for your convenience.

  • How to overcome cravings, ditching the diets and deprivation for good and embracing a positive food mindset.

  • How to de-stress and switch your body into repair and rejuvenate mode so it can shed any bothersome excess weight

  • How to keep your bones, joints and entire body biologically younger.

  • How to practise mindfulness, and gratitude to experience new levels of happiness and fulfilment.

  • How to create and maintain your balance 

  • Most of all, how to find true contentment and to 'love the skin you're in'! 

If you are busy, stressed, tired, feeling less than your best or you just want a new positive focus, this programme is for YOU!


The benefits you can expect are: Lauren Parsons 2013 5a

  • To feel lighterhappier, more relaxed and in control

  • Increased vibrancy and energy

  • A renewed sense of calm, contentment and happiness

  • Stunning skin, hair and nails

  • Increased self-esteem and confidence – so you can shine every day!

  • positive outlook and ability to engage in life more fully in the present moment

  • Peace of mind knowing you are influencing your family's health

  • Most of all you will have cemented the habits you need to retain these things for life

Plus you will be able to spread a ripple effect to positively impact your family and friends. Which is of course priceless!

If you have been thinking of doing 'something' - this is it!

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Get Fit Feel Fabulous offers much more than your average on-line weight loss or fitness course.


Results Pack - Diary BandWe value the power of the printed word and the importance of you having your own personal gratitude and progress diary to have and to hold.

For this reason, we post out your results pack including your diary and you own light weight workout tool during your bonus 'preparation week'.

This special bonus week includes exclusive video presentations to help you dream, de-clutter and get set up for success! 


You will then enjoy a further 12 weeks of interactive online support from Lauren all delivered in bite-size chunks to keep you motivated and on track.


GFFF online content


You will receive:  

  • Your results pack including your gratitude diary and resistance band, posted directly to your door (value $69)
  • 24 short and sweet "Step to Successvideo lessons twice a week to inspire you and truly transform your habits, ensuring long term success  (value $359)
  • Printable guides and action sheets for each of the 24 Steps to Success (value $59)

  • Complete meal plansplus easy shopping lists to save you time and money, giving you several nights off cooking each week (value $199)

  • Over 160 tried and tested, delicious nourishing recipes your family will love (value $99)

  • Two bonus eBooks, additional video content tips and inspiration (value $99)
  • Lauren's complete library of time saving workouts you can do anywhere with instruction videos, cheat sheets and printable circuit cards (value $249)

  • rejuvenating full body stretch routine including video, to help you relax and unwind (value $35) 

  • Access to the Get Fit Feel Fabulous private online forum throughout the programme to share your journey and glean tips and support from others (value $199)

  • 12 weeks direct access to accountability and personalised feedback and advice from Lauren via email. Ask any question, any time! (value $199)

  • Most of all, you keep all the resources forever so you are set up for life (priceless!)


This comes to a total of $1,566 value, but it is available for you today for just a fraction of that cost!

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Payments are in NZ dollars.

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Register today and start your fabulous journey next week!   

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"You are amazing already... I just help you see it!"



Hi I'm Lauren and I want to see you flourish and thrive! 

Imagine what life would be like if when you woke up in the morning you jumped out of bed with energy and enthusiasm.  

Picture being the most stunning, positive, bright version of yourself and imagine how that will feel! 

I understand the challenges that may have held you back in the past. That's why I'm here to help!

I have poured my heart into this programme to make it the best it can be and refined it countless times over the past seven years.

My goal is to save you time, help you ditch diets for good and transform your mindset so that your entire life changes for the better. Forever

I will inspire you & teach you fun and simple ways to make small changes which produce incredible results. Results that will last. 

This programme is for YOU! You absolutely deserve to shine!

Join me and discover amazing health and happiness like you've never known before. I can't wait to see you on the inside!

With love,


Early Bird Ends 22 April 2016 

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 Investing in your health now is the best way to ensure your future health and happiness!


Still got questions? 


Check out the FAQs and if that doesn't cover it simply email Lauren on

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 Join hundreds of amazing women who have invested in their health and taken this uplifting journey with Lauren.


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Become more vibrant and energised and feel truly fabulous inside and out!


You'll be so glad you did.

Watch the video to hear Janet's story 


Want to hear more results? 

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When you are healthy, vibrant and energised, everyone in your world benefits!

So put yourself first, starting today!


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Quick Tips

Always, always focus on what you want!

Above everything, at all times, focus on what you want (rather than not getting what you don’t want).  Picture how great it will feel and what it will mean for those around you.  This keeps your internal motivation switched on till you reach the goal!

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