Overcome the Overwhelm 6-Week Intensive Coaching Programme

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Would you like to feel more calm, confident and in control?

Do you wish you could better juggle work, family and life?


Join me for this six week action-oriented intensive, with a focus on lazer coaching and accountability to help you re-balance life and experience more joy!


Overcome the Overwhelm 6 week intensive Lauren Parsons 2


This is for you if:

• You constantly put yourself last
• You struggle to say "no" to things, even when you don't want to
• You feel disorganised and always in a rush
• You wish there were extra hours in the day to get everything done
• You feel like life is getting on top of you
• You have no time to yourself
• You've lost your spark and want to get it back


Results to expect:

• Overcome the feeling of overwhelm
• Get out of the grind of your day to day life
• Regain control & feel calm & confident
• Boost your resilience & manage stress
• Regain regular me-time, completely guilt-free
• Establish boundaries that create more freedom
• Be able to communicate assertively with confidence
• Create & experience more joy
• Feel more relaxed, productive & organised
• Master daily success habits that will last
• Thrive & experience more joy!

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What you'll receive:

• Weekly group coaching sessions (online so you can take part anywhere in the world)
• Small groups of 4-8 like-minded people
• Lazer coaching
• An accountability buddy
• Six motivating modules
• Powerful exercises
• Printable success checklists/worksheets
• Mini-challenges
• Ongoing email support, ask any question, any time
• Lifetime access to the content and recordings of all sessions

 PLUS - special bonus ebook copy of Lauren's time-saving Nutrition book 'real food less fuss'

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During the six weeks you'll learn how to:


1. Create Space
• Learn what not to do, and set yourself up for success on a daily and weekly basis
• Transform your decision making ability by defining a compelling big-picture 'WHY'
• Understand why life is the way it is now and get clarity on how you want it to be
• Discover exactly how and why to carve out time for yourself

2. Start Right
• Learn the worst way to start your day and what to do instead
• Discover the top morning routines successful people use to ensure a magnificent day
• Switch on your internal motivation and positive attitude
• Be equipped to restore calm and be confident and centred within seconds

3. De-clutter
• Understand how your environment affects how you feel and what to do about it
• Learn step by step processes to permanently de-clutter problem areas such as your pantry, closet, living spaces, kitchen surfaces and office to transform how you feel
• Discover the best techniques to create mental clarity and peace of mind

4. Set Boundaries
• Discover the most common communication mistake we make and how to avoid it
• Learn the fundamentals of assertive communication to calmly and respectfully ask for what you really want and need
• Learn a new way to approach difficult conversations and the non-confrontational way to change the way people treat you
• Be able to say no, guilt-free.

5. Save Time
• Understand the best places to focus your time and effort to live life the way you really want
• Work smarter not harder to be more productive and gain hours back every day Discover a revolutionary way to plan your week that will transform your life
• Learn the best time-savings tips and strategies for both home and work

6. Cultivate Joy
• Discover the transformational way to approach each day
• Learn how to let go of worry and create space for more joy
• Strategies to fully be present and appreciate the every-day moments of life
• How and why to 'use your best china' and truly seize the day

 Overcome the Overwhelm - pathway


What's different about this 6-Week Intensive?

This is an action-focused coaching course with practical exercises to put in place immediately. There won't be hours of theory, reading or homework to do. We'll work through powerful exercises together in the sessions themselves and a focus everything on creating lasting habit change.

Most importantly you'll have the accountability and support from myself, your accountability buddy and the group to stay the course. Picture yourself six weeks from now feeling centred, calm and confident. More relaxed with your parenting, productive and organised, feeling in balance and in control and ready to make the most of life.


What's the investment?

My one on one coaching packages range from $899 - $1,800.

Instead this six-week intensive package delivers so much more value at an affordable rate. 

It is available with group coaching for just $599 per person or

individual one on one coaching for just $1249.


How do I register?

PLEASE NOTE - Our current group is underway, you can either join me now for private coaching, or to express an interest in the next round of this life-changing programme please send me a note via the contact us form and I'll put you on the waiting list for the next one.


Standard timeslots:

Option A - 12pm Tues NZT | 5pm Mon PST  |  8pm Mon EST 

Option B - 6am Fri NZT | 11am Thurs PST  |  2pm Thurs EST 


Option C – Individual coaching sessions at a time to suit you

Once we confirm your start date. I'll send you an invoice to confirm your spot.
Places will fill on a first come first served basis with a waitlist thereafter.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me and I will respond as soon as I can to answer them.

Simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I'll look forward to hearing from you!

With Warmth,


You can enquire to join the waitlist here.


Overcome the Overwhelm 6 week intensive Lauren Parsons 2





Comments (4)

  • Michelle Winn

    Michelle Winn

    04 May 2018 at 03:07 |
    Which location are the meetings held?
    • Lauren Parsons

      Lauren Parsons

      04 May 2018 at 16:49 |
      Hi Michelle, the sessions are all online so you can take part from anywhere. We connect using an online meeting room which allows everyone to see one another on the screen, ask questions, interact etc. Thanks for your question, I've updated the info to mention this now! Cheers, Lauren
  • Mani


    09 May 2018 at 06:52 |
    Thanks for sharing such an informative post with us. I love the outline of the course for 6 weeks and want to join. Any space available?
    • Lauren Parsons

      Lauren Parsons

      09 May 2018 at 13:56 |
      Thanks Mani for the feedback. Our first group is underway and it's going really well. You are just in time to join the second group which starts tomorrow. I'll email you the info.

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