Ten Mother's Day gifts that will mean so much!

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Ten Mother's Day gifts that will mean so much!

As another mother's day approaches I am very privileged to be among those amazing people we call mothers. I still vividly remember the feeling of pride and admiration for all mothers having 'joined the club' after the birth of our eldest.

Mums, you absolutely need to know that you are precious and amazing and do such an important role in nurturing and loving your kids. You deserve to be treated and honoured for all the big and small things you do!

Even on those crazy days when it all seems to be going wrong, always remember that you are truly amazing! Your kids don't need much at all in the world, apart from your love.

Here are some meaningful non-commercial gift ideas to share with your hubby and/or kids.

(Sometimes it's best not to hint with men, just tell them straight out. It's far simpler for you and for them and they appreciate it).

Use these ideas to spoil your mum, grandmother and any other special women in your life!

1. A series of notes hidden in lots of places your mum will find them. Picture her morning routine – place one in her favourite mug, by the cereal, wrapped around her toothbrush, in her bag etc and make her day over and over again.

2. A hand made card. Draw a picture (no matter what age you are) or cut out pieces of paper, card, ribbons and glue them on. Take time to write a meaningful message and remind her of one of the things you most love about her.

3. A voucher for something special such as a one on one date with you, a foot rub, a cup of tea, 30 minutes uninterrupted time to read a book, a hot bubble bath made for her.

4. Pick a bunch of flowers and arrange them in a bouquet.

5. Make a banner that says I love you mum, paint pictures, stick on flowers, leaves, curled paper etc.

6. Bake a batch of oat and fruit filled cookies or muffins and wrap them nicely.

7. Spring clean her kitchen for her (without her seeing). Clean the fridge, defrost the freezer, clean the microwave, wipe down and re-organise the pantry shelves, get dad to help sharpen the knives.

8. Make her potpourri with some lovely scented rose petals or a bunch of lavender stems tied with a bow to go under her pillow.

9. Sing her a song. This could be one you've written or just one of her favourites.

10. Give her a smoochy hug for the longest time and whisper in her ear all of the fun memories that you share together.


Which one is your favourite?  

Do you have more ideas of great gifts for mum, please comment and share them below!

I'd love to hear from you! xxx


Comments (3)

  • Diana


    29 April 2016 at 08:05 |
    I love number 2 think there is nothing better than a hand made card with your own words written. Love all the ideas...so perfect and do not to need to be expensive just a truly meaning thought or time together...how precious is that
  • Lauren Parsons

    Lauren Parsons

    29 April 2016 at 09:39 |
    Yes exactly Diana, the best things in life are certainly those that money can't buy.
  • Wick


    02 May 2016 at 18:42 |
    I love the smoochy hug and whispering in her ear, that's so cute!!

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