What Is The Best Piece Of Exercise Equipment Ever?

on Monday, 29 June 2015. Posted in Motivation, Wellbeing, Fitness

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One thing that infuriates me, and most health and fitness professionals, are infomercials touting the benefits of the latest ineffective fitness gizmos. Their ads mislead people with bold claims which distract from the fine print on the bottom of the screen which clearly state 'results NOT typical'.

While the authorities can ban their advertisements for a time, they tend to come back with new half-truths that mislead people into wasting their money. It breaks my heart to know that so many people are spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on pieces of equipment that they will very likely stop using soon after purchase.


I want to let you in on a secret.


You are already familiar with the best workout tool you could ever hope for.

You already own it!

Rather than a piece of dust collecting equipment, your best ever workout tool is...




IMG 6194

Just think, it's the heaviest thing that you carry around with you all day every day. It's specially designed to move in every plane of motion and to keep itself strong.

By understanding how to establish great posture and learning a few effective and safe exercises you can use your amazing body to stay strong, fit and flexible for the rest of your life!

Just think how much would that be worth to you?

Here is another secret...

I have designed the most effective workout possible that you can complete anywhere, anytime in just 2-3 minutes and with no equipment. It boosts your fitness, tones your entire body and keeps you looking and feeling great!

It's called the "Ten out of Ten" as it leaves you feeling ten out of ten, or better!!!

Because of its success I have now created a Ten out of Ten poster set for you.

This set includes one regular size and one extra large poster of both the low impact and high impact versions of this great workout.

Ten out of Ten - by Lauren Parsons

These four beautiful high gloss posters are ready to post straight to your door so you can put them up beside your bed, on the fridge, by your desk and in the staffroom! They will inspire you, help you boost your mood and keep you looking and feeling your best!

Click here to get your set, while stocks last!

Over the years I have had so many success stories from this Ten out of Ten workout. One of my clients found it so easy to do that it became such a regular part of her routine and she did it every single day.

At one point she humbly apologised to me for only doing it 19 times that week! Not surprisingly she went on to win our 'Miss Most Millimetres' award for the most millimetres lost from her body measurements during the 12 week challenge she was completing at the time!

If you are busy, you too can benefit from this super fast workout that requires no equipment and takes just 2-3 minutes to complete so you can easily fit it into your day without hassle. It boosts both cardiovascular fitness and your metabolism by increasing muscle tone. Maintaining toned lean muscle is the key to avoiding excess body fat gain, helping you feel vibrant and confident!

Why not take action today and equip yourself with a tool that will truly transform your health and vitality!

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