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The Lauren Parsons Philosophy

Optimal health comes about by achieving balance in every area of your life.

Here is our five simple and effective principles that will boost your health and happiness, now and always!

Live Well 2016

Let me explain a little more about the first principle - UPLIFT

Uplift your thinking to uplift your life!

Everything starts with your thoughts. When you think well you speak and act well and form positive habits.

Everything in life comes down to choices and we get to make adult choices whether we want to start the day on the right foot, feeling positive or whether we focus on what might go wrong, what might not work out, what might challenge us that day...?

There is no point in waiting till "xyz" happens to decide to be happy. Lots of people thing they will be happy when they get skinnier, orwhen they have more money.

But guess what... there are a lot of skinny, rich people that are unhappy.

We always get more of what we focus on, so focus on how you would like life to be.

Set specific positive goals for yourself.  Daydream a little and imagine just how great life could be!  Picture it, taste, smell and touch it! The more specific your goals and the clearer the picture that you have of them the more compelling it is and the easier to achieve. Some would say effortless even!

Whatever you focus on increases in your life.

So I urge you to avoid spending time thinking about the things that you don't enjoy, don't like, don't want anymore.  That sort of thinking tends to keep you stuck there in the middle of your problems.  


Always, always focus on what you want!

A simple shift, but a profound one that can change your life!

Choose an attitude of gratitude by thinking about things that you are thankful for - try it out right now. What are 3 things you are thankful for today....?
Once you get started, its hard to stop!

Focusing on things you're thankful for is the best way to instantly boost your mood. Incidentally it also keeps you focused on what you want and what do you get more of....?

I'll mention it again, (only because it really is so important)

"Whatever you focus on increases in your life."

Speak well of others and well of yourself - especially when talking to yourself. Your self-talk has the biggest influence of any of the messages you hear. 

Did you know that we have over 60,000 thoughts every day and 70% of them are often the exact same thoughts as the day before, and the day before that!?

Interrupt any negative thinking cycles and choose to only speak kinds words to yourself. Supportive beliefs will follow.

Stay curious and open to constant learning. We can't possible "know it all" and there is always so much to learn!  How exciting!!!

Practise Complete Communication, by speaking openly and truthfully at all times. Especially when it is a challenge to do so. I believe that honest respectful communication could solve almost all of the world's problems.

To initiate a positive outcome always consider situations from the other person's point of view and if you want to see a behaviour change think carefully about what will motivate that change. Then explain clearly and specifically what you want, when, how and why and demosntrate the benefit to the other person of doing so.

Learn to understand your natural style and those of your loved ones and attempt to 'speak their language' whenever possible. Do they want details or the bare facts, do they want direct or fluffy and friendly, does it mean more in words, time, in writing, as a gift or an act of service?

Above all, be true to yourself, don't worry what others think.

Smile, laugh, dance, sing and play every day!

These keys to uplifting your thoughts will transform your life! They flow on to positively affect everything that you do and say, what you eat, how you breath, every single choice that you make.

Choose to take a positive outlook, adopt an attitude of gratitude even in tough times and make the most of every single day that you are on this planet!

With love and respect,



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  • Diane


    04 April 2018 at 20:48 |
    Nice article......

    Are comments made in this space visible to everyone?
    • Lauren Parsons

      Lauren Parsons

      04 April 2018 at 21:07 |
      Hi Diane, Glad you enjoyed it. Yes the comments are available publicly to create discussion. Thanks for reading the article. Lauren

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