13 Tips To Live With Vitality This Winter

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Thanks to Jeremy Dixon from Revive for this guest post.

For some people it seems to be inevitable. Getting sick every winter. Some people are sick for the whole winter.

Getting sick is not necessarily a bad thing. Your body will use a virus or sickness to give you a cleanse out. For example last year I had bad cold/flu symptoms for a couple of days. I felt bad during it but after wards I felt amazing. I assisted my body with things that helped it clean me out.

"Your health over winter is really just a reflection on how healthy you have chosen to live your life over summer."

Here are some things you can do when you start feeling sick or people around you are getting sick. When you start to feel the start of a sore throat, or start to feel those signs you know something is coming on.

These things will not necessarily make you better immediately (they may) - but will at least make you feel better while sick, and make the sickness last not as long. And you will feel fantastic after wards by assisting your body give long term cleansing.

13 Tips to Live With Vitality this Winter

1. Drink plenty of water. Lots. I am talking 3-4 litres per day. Give yourself a good clean out. Drink warm or hot water, sometimes with a little lemon.

2. Rest and sleep. Often the reason you are sick in the first place. Take some time off and really rest.

3. Vitamin C. This wonder vitamin will help cleanse you and help your body to work. There are some other great natural supplements I can recommend that can help. Barley Green is great for cleansing. Colloidal silver is great too. Echinacea, oregano oil and many others work well. All available at your natural health store - most have very knowledgeable people to help.

4. Hot and cold treatments. These are great. Have a very hot shower or bath and then finish off with hot and cold shower (around 30 seconds each) for 3 times each. It is exhilarating and you will feel great after wards especially if you have achy muscles. Finish on cold and hop into a warm room or bed.

5. Steam inhalations. Get some boiling water in a bowl and breath the steam while covering your head and bowl with a towel. Breath deeply. Also add some Eucalyptus or other similar products.

6. Avoid media. Escape from the negative influences of the world. Turn off the TV and read a good book instead.

7. Avoid all processed sugars and all dairy. Stick to small amounts of simple food. Eat plenty of fresh fruit.

8. Garlic is great. Put raw chopped garlic on every meal or try this great flu bomb recipe: Mash 2 cloves garlic, and mix with juice of 2 lemons, 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper, 1 tablespoon of manuka honey and some hot water. Hold you nose, skull it back and feel like you are doing something great for your body. Or just suck a raw garlic clove before you go to bed. (Warning you may smell).

9. Hands in hot water. For sinus issues put your hands in a bowl with very hot water for some relief. Sounds random but it works.

10. Put cayenne pepper in your socks. You will get very hot feet and this will help circulate the blood around your body which will speed up recovery and let those white blood cells do their work with haste. You can also put cayenne pepper on a paper towel with a little olive oil on it, stick to the bottom of your feet and wrap with glad wrap before you go to bed.

11. Sun bath. Get out in the sun if it shines, or next to a window and get sun on as much skin as you can. You will feel great and it is very healing.

12. If you are really sick or you should definitely see a health professional. However for most colds and flu's I recommend that you follow the principles above. Avoid all drugs if possible as they just fight against your body. The worst I think are the cold and flu tablets. Your body is wanting to get toxins out and they just block you up and push them back in. Also remember that antibiotics do not kill viruses (colds and flus), only bacterial infections.

13. Root Cause. Also do not forget to look at the root causes of sickness rather than the symptom. Is your life in balance, are you eating well, sleeping soundly and exercising and emotionally healthy? In the long run, fixing the cause is always better than treating symptoms.

Vitally yours,

Jeremy from Revive.


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