Eleven Enjoyable Eating Tips

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How to get the most out of your nutrition...

1 Eat a good serving of fresh fruit and vegetables every day. They are a great source of vitamins, minerals and fibre so will make you feel full. If you focus first on getting lots of vegetables into your diet you never need to 'diet' again! Try a salad entree before dinner with a great vinaigrette, it helps you get extra veges in and helps you feel more satisfied. (Plus raw vegetables have huge amounts of nutrients to nourish you!)

DSC 3635 vibrant quinoa salad

2 Drink more water. Aim to start with 2 more glasses per day than you drink now. Set up a strategy to remind you and persevere until it becomes a habit.

3 Focus first on getting the 'good stuff' into your diet rather than depriving yourself! Buy lots of yummy healthy food that you ENJOY. If you have good food in the cupboards you won't have so much temptation to snack on less healthy choices!

DSC 3659 salad tacos with best beef bolognaise MAIN

4. Plan ahead. Plan out the meals you will have over the week and make them flow from one to the next to save time and money.  (e.g. double or triple batch cook sauces and entire meals to save having to cook on other nights, set aside leftovers for lunch, never let food go to wast).  A well stocked freezer is your friend and will save you tonnes of stress, time and money!

Edit1 DSC 3338 YES - PART 3 double page spread

5 Make your own lunch and take it with you. When you are prepared in advance you won't have to give into temptations during the day which often take people off track. (Whether you go out to work or at home, preparation is key!)

DSC 3712 MAson jar salads

6 Keep your blood sugar levels steady by avoiding processed food and eating natural whole foods with higher fibre. Opt for lower GI foods such as sweet potato and grainy wholemeal breads which will give you long lasting sustained energy. Combine protein and healthy fats into each meal and snack to slow down sugar release and thus curbing cravings. See these great snack ideas.

DSC 3098 Labneh copped and full image as secondary image somewhere else

7 Eat regular small meals throughout the day. This will help to maintain your blood sugar levels at a steady rate so the you feel satisfied not hungry.

8 Get in touch with your hunger and satiety cycles. Wait until you are hungry to eat a meal then sit down and savour it. Notice how you feel when you eat from hunger as opposed to boredom, stress, anger or loneliness. (Remember you can fulfill those emotional needs in other non-food ways.)

eating mindfully

9 Watch your portion sizes. Eat enough to feel satisfied not over-full. Savour every meal slowly and stop eating just before you feel you have had enough. It is easy to eat second helpings simply out of habit. Your body takes 10-20 minutes to recognise it is full so take a pause after a meal to recognise if you have had enough!

10 Brush your teeth straight after dinner. This will signal to your brain that you have finished eating for the night.

11 Most of all, focus on eating mindfully, fully appreciating your food so it satisfies your body and soul! when you do this you will naturally stop once you've had enough and you will notice the quality of your food and shift your tastebuds to desiring healthy food options that truly satisfy!

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