How to Train your Train of Thought

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You know that feeling when you’ve set a new goal and you can picture achieving it. It’s so exciting. It motivates you to get going and you start out with a fantastic first day.

But then something happens…

You lose motivation. You feel stuck. You’re not sure how to get back on track.

Our thoughts can be tricky things.

They underpin everything we do in life. Everything starts with a thought and our thoughts quickly lead to our words, our actions and our habits.

Ultimately it is our daily habits that will determine whether we reach our goals and experience the sort of health and happiness we desire.

The great news is that you can train your train of thought.

The fundamental key is just five little words…

Focus On What You Want.


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The reason this is so powerful is that we tend to get more of what we focus on, but unfortunately, rather than focusing on what we want (which you might hope would be natural) we often do the exact opposite.

We focus on not getting the things that we don’t want.

For example I’ve had countless clients that when I’ve asked them what they want, will say things like “I just feel so terrible, so tired, flabby, unfit, overweight. I just want to stop feeling so awful.” 

The thing is that your subconscious brain does not hear the word “don’t”. It just pays attention to whatever you focus on and it is influenced by whatever messages you are feeding your brain (through tv, social media, magazines, the songs you listen to, the conversations you have or are surrounded by.)

This is why its so important to monitor, direct and feed your thoughts and to continually re-focus your thoughts on what you want.

Aim to catch yourself if you notice any “don’t” phrases in your speech or your self-talk and think about how you could turn those around to a positive statement.

For example the clients that I mentioned above could instead say that they want to feel fit, strong, confident, vibrant, energised and alive or whatever words describe what you truly want.

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One of the most powerful ways to switch on your internal motivation to improve your fitness for example, is to get a clear picture of exactly how you want to look and feel and be able to picture all the amazing things you will be able to do with your strong, fit, healthy body.

Most importantly you need to get connected with how great it will feel. Once you do that your subconscious brain will have an emotional anchor that will make it so much easier to make small decisions in line with you achieving that goal.

When you have a strong milestone, it helps you get through your moments.

You will be positively priming yourself for success by having that clear focus. You most likely won’t even notice exactly how it happens, because it works at a subliminal level. Just remember that it’s our subconscious brain that determines most of our behaviour.

I encourage you to get clarity about one specific goal by picturing that you’ve already achieved it and writing down how that will feel and what it will mean for you. Describe it in as much detail as possible.

Then continually focus on it and picture it daily.

See if you can catch yourself when any “don’t” phrases or negative self-talk come up in relation to that goal and see how you can turn them around to a positive. (There is always a way to turn it around to word it differently and remove the “don’t”.)

As the leader of your own life and a leader to those around you I encourage you to picture what a difference it will make in your life and to others!

This can transform your health, your parenting, your relationships, your finances or any other area of your life. Having the right mindset and training your train of thought is the number one step to enable you to get there.

Go out and focus on what you want!


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