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We all want boundless energy and stunning vitality.

But fitting it all in can be tricky, right?

I make it simple for busy people to rediscover feeling youthful, healthy and energised. 

Hi, I'm Lauren and my mission is to equip and inspire you to truly boost your health and happiness for life.

Join me and help create a positive ripple effect in your life, your workplace and your world.

To hear how I overcame self-image and self-confidence challenges you can read my story here.


After 17 years in the wellbeing profession, I now focus my passion on these areas:

For businesses and groups I offer


For individuals I offer


What's unique about me? 

  • French FlagI combine together 6 years of study and 17 years experience in the health and wellbeing profession to offer holistic approach to total health and wellbeing.  
  • Add to that some French flair! I'm 100% kiwi, but having lived and worked in France I've learnt their secrets giving me a unique approach to nutrition and how to 'love the skin you're in'. 
  • RFLF cover reducedBeing qualified both as a Life Coach and a Personal Trainer and having taught nutrition, exercise physiology and behavioural change and mentored hundreds of other trainers I know what works to create lasting results. I offer people the easiest most time-saving ways to do that.
  • My book real food less fuss - the ultimate time-saving guide to simplify your life and feel amazing every day has had rave reviews as being the most comprehensive and effective guide to eating well that exists.
  • I love busting myths (one day I'll get a super hero cape!) and I take a no nonsense approach which makes good eating easy, makes exercise simple and fun and helps people to enjoy life more!
  • FitAwardsWinner2013whiteIn the 2013 National Fitness Awards I was humbled to be the overall winner of the Community Award and a finalist among the top 5 Group Personal Trainers in New Zealand. In 2016 my Get Fit Feel Fabulous programme was among the 5 finalist for Programme of the Year.
  • People often tell me I'm a breath of fresh air. Positivity seems to follow me around. I see the best in people and it's my wish to encourage and empower everyone I meet to feel phenomenal.
  • I partner with people rather than just pushing them. Clients tell me they can't believe how simple and fun things are that they used to find difficult and boring.

In short, I give you the most holistic yet practical, proven approach to total wellness that makes it achieveable and fun, without fuss or fads! 


My Philosophy

Live Well Principles

I live by my five Live Well Principles 

  • Uplift your thoughts

  • Nourish your precious body

  • Invigorate your life

  • Strengthen body and mind

  • Restore and find balance

I have created these principles (and the six pillars that underpin each one) and have seen their power countless times when they are combined. I absolutely love seeing my clients have breakthroughs as they apply each principle and literally change their lives, for good.

Simple actions repeated daily create incredible lives. 

Who do I help? 

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I work with clever and talented women who have focused so much on career and family, they have put themselves last and as a result they feel less than their best.  I love empowering them by showing them how small tweaks can easily give them more energy, health and confidence to flourish.

I also help over-worked business people that feel stuck in a rut and who are motivated to get back the youthful feeling they once had and become their strong, vibrant selves again.

Stress and sedentary roles cause so many employees to perform far below their best. I love working with businesses creating a culture change as they embrace my Live Well Principles, creating a fun, energised environment where both individuals and the business can thrive.


Originally from New Zealand, I am currently based in Ottawa, Canada alongside my husband who is posted here for work until December 2018.

I can travel world-wide for speaking engagements and I offer a limited number of coaching sessions anywhere in the world via the internet.

(Note that I currently have a waiting list for coaching which you can join here.)

C'est la vie Lauren and the girls September 2015 - reduced cropped

I am married to a very supportive military man and we have three young children who constantly amaze us and keep us on our toes.

My husband and I are real 'foodies' and have been greatly influenced by the French culture. We speak French at home with our children and still eat in a French style (think salad entree first). I love sharing nutrition tips based around the wonderful principles I learnt while living in France.

My interests revolve around good food, great people and lots of laughter. I love hosting dinner parties, I'm quite mad on board games and absolutely treasure getting out in nature.

With so much going on myself, I know how busy life can get!  I love teaching people how to live in the present to enjoy life with passion and vision, rather than busy-ness and stress.

I invite you to make the most of this website.  Browse the many articles, try the delicious recipes, check out my top tips and please subscribe for my monthly updates so I can stay in touch.

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Life is for living right now – go out and make the most of it!

With warmth and gratitude for taking the time to invest in your health and happiness.


 Click here to read my story


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For businesses and groups I offer;  

·         Keynote Speaking

·         Motivational Seminars and Workshops

·         Workplace Wellbeing Programmes

·         Executive Coaching

For individuals I offer

·         My Online Get Fit Feel Fabulous Programme

·         My Refresh, Reset Day packages

·         Revitalise Wellbeing Retreats

·         Time-Saving Workout Resources

·         Coaching anywhere in the world



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Success Stories

Quick Tips

Strength train every week

It is your fountain of youth as it makes you biologically younger!!!  

Stick to functional compound exercises that work lots of muscles at once.  Aim for quality not just quantity and ensure great rest and recovery in between.

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